International Women’s Day from the Perspective of Stella Nkhonya: When All Women Speak In One Voice

Posted on by Redakcija
Illustration: Cerys Knighton

International Women’s Day is the day when women all over the world meet discuss and do activities in some countries women come together advocate for their rights done even hold international prayers. At times I feel it’s unimportant because there are same issues discussed and no follow up mechanism on the action plans. I consider it important because a diverse group of women come up together speak one language for the betterment of every woman globally. As a woman with disabilities, we mobilise each other together with other women we have an advocacy platform to fight violence against women. To someone from another planet I would explain that it’s a special day designated for women to speak in one voice for the betterment of women globally. The presence and visibility of the contribution of women with disabilities within the women’s rights movement is very minimal due to discrimination and luck reasonable accommodation for cross disabilities
Their issued are normally not taken on board.

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